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About the SaveSoul SDF Corporate Program

SaveSoul's SDF Program is a specially curated program for self defense fitness. The program covers the following for your organization

  • Safest Place to Work Certification

    SaveSoul offers a certification program to institutions to ensure that the workplace is safe and secure for employees.

  • L1 SaveSoul Athlete Certification

    Employees receive a certification in self defense techniques to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

  • 90-Minute Self Defense Workshop

    Our comprehensive workshop covers both mental and physical self defense techniques.

  • Weekly Offline Sessions

    Employees receive three weekly offline sessions to reinforce and improve their self defense skills.

  • Access to the Premium SaveSoul App

    Our premium app provides instant access to emergency contacts and a network of nearby users.

  • PR on Selected Media Outlets

    We offer publicity to our clients by featuring them in relevant media outlets.

  • Blood Grid Access

    The SaveSoul app includes a blood grid feature that connects users with donors of the same blood group.

  • Co-Branded Merchandise

    SaveSoul and the client create custom branded merchandise to promote workplace safety and security.

  • Online Safety Resources

    Our online resources provide information on safety and other related topics.

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training

    We offer training to help employees recognize and respond to potential threats in the workplace.

  • Real-Life Situation Training

    Our online training provides guidance on how to handle 10 different real-life safety situations.

  • Yearly Audits

    We conduct two yearly audits to ensure that the workplace is following safety protocols and procedures.


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